It is advisable to book with at least 48h in advance, especially during the busy season (July and August). Reservations can be made by telephone (+34 618348006), on the web page or at the kiosks located at Cala'n Bosch and Cala Galdana. At the time of booking you have to make the full payment. We accept cash, bank transfer and all major debit/credit cards.

Since there is no allocated seating on board, it is recommended to be up to 30 minutes before departure time.

Sun protection, bathing suit, towel, snorkel equipment and comfortable footwear for walking along the stretch between the boat and the beach. The beaches where we stop are in a virgin area and with a high environmental protection, so it makes it difficult to adapt it with the necessary infrastructure.

We have a gangway to disembark and embark on land without having to wet your feet. We also have slides and steps at the back of the boat for those who want to swim from the boat.

Yes, you can. In addition, we have tables and bar service aboard, where you can find soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, coffee & tea, ice cream, snacks and baguettes.

Our excursions are suitable for all ages as we do half-day excursions and the boat can accommodate families. We have two decks (sun and shade), 2 toilets, space to accommodate the buggies and also a microwave to warm porridge or milk if it’s the case. The only downside there may be, would be the access to the beach, as the trail may prove to be a little difficult for people with small children, but there is always the possibility of staying onboard as the boat remains moored during the stay on the beach.

Having said this, before booking, we recommend that you contact us to know what the weather forecast is for the day of the boat trip, if you are coming with small children, we recommend you come on a day when the sea is calm.

The access to the boat for people with limited mobility is limited to the fact that the person in question would have to be able to get on the boat without the need of a wheelchair, because unfortunately we do not have the minimum dimensions necessary to be able to facilitate the access. That said, the crew will provide them with as much help as possible so that they can board the vessel. We recommend that you contact the sales team to help you as much as possible.

Once aboard, we recommend that you stay onboard during the whole excursion because on the beaches where we stop, the access to the beach can be difficult. The excursions of R2 Galdana SHUTTLE and R3 Galdana are not suitable for people with reduced mobility due to the access to the jetty of Cala Galdana. Please contact us for more information.

At the back of the main deck we have a unique system in the world, it is called "Reflex System", it is designed to observe the underwater world from the same deck, without the need to have to go down stairs into a dark and reduced space like what happens in the catamarans. The system comes into operation once you stop at the beach, that's where we feed the fish. You'll be surprised what you get to see.

As some say, “There is no bad weather but bad clothing”. We are aware that it is more enjoyable to sail on a sunny day without wind, with a pleasant temperature and a calm sea. Although it is sometimes difficult to find that perfect day at sea, most of the excursions we carry out are done in acceptable weather conditions. It may happen that some days there may be a bit of swell, passengers who are not accustomed to sailing may feel dizzy, if so, in case of doubt, ask us before embarking for information about the sea forecast. You can also take a pill to appease the effects of dizziness, always at least 1 hour before boarding.
If we see that the weather complicates our day, we will be forced to cancel the excursion. In that case, you can change the date of the excursion or request the full refund.

The Amigo’s has a maximum capacity of 126 passengers and a minimum crew of 3. Although for the purposes of the passenger's own comfort, many times we limit the capacity to 120 passengers. It is distributed over 2 decks; the upper deck is uncovered and therefore suitable for those who want to enjoy the sun, the sea breeze and the full views.
The main deck offers shade and has large windows so that the structure of the boat does not interfere with the visibility of the landscape. So you can choose sun or shade depending on your needs.

The beach stop is made depending on the weather conditions of the day, as well as the state of the beach not being able to stipulate a specific time. If you want to know beforehand, ask the crew as you board.